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Night Mouth Guard Lake Oswego OR

Dr. Petersen discussing dental impression with patient at The Dentist on Boones Ferry in Lake Oswego, ORMouth guards are important gear for people with bruxism. Bruxism is a disorder characterized by jaw clenching and teeth grinding.

People with this condition may experience a painful jaw along with severe headaches. Their teeth may be worn.

Various things contribute to bruxism, for example, stress. You may grind your teeth and clench your jaw at night and during the day.

When you have bruxism at night, it is difficult to link its effects such as headaches to the condition simply because you are unconscious while asleep. Unfortunately, bruxism is not curable, therefore, the treatment serves to minimize the effects of the symptoms.

The Dentist on Boones Ferry makes night mouth guards that you wear to prevent the impact of clenching and grinding.

How Clenching and Grinding Harms Your Bite

People who clench or grind their teeth experience different harmful effects from their bites. Since in most cases, grinding occurs while asleep, you cannot control it. As such, the effects continue to manifest. Enamel loss is one of the impacts that arise from grinding. Wearing out of the enamel contributes to increased sensitivity. When enamel erosion occurs, you are susceptible to cavities and infections.

People with weak teeth may risk fracturing them if they grind their teeth. Damage to fillings is also likely to occur from grinding and clenching. During clenching, there is excess pressure put on the TMJ, which may result in bite misalignment.

Having a misaligned bite leads to difficulties in chewing, headaches, and pain around and inside your ears.

What Is a Mouth Guard?

Mouth guards look like mouth retainers. Made of plastic, these oral appliances can be soft or hard. They are used to provide coverage to the bite surfaces. People wear mouth guards on the bottom or top row of their teeth.

When looking for a night mouth guard, you should choose our custom-made mouth guards because they fit snugly and feel comfortable. Our team creates night mouth guards by making an impression of your teeth, in order to help you curb the effects of grinding and clenching.

How a Mouth Guard Can Help

Wearing a mouth guard prevents the teeth from directly getting in contact when clenching and grinding. This way, the pressure created on the jaw is reduced, hence reducing the pain associated with it. Additionally, a mouth guard prevents the teeth from wearing out when grinding because they do not directly come in contact.

Night Mouth Guards vs. Sports Mouth Guards

Typically, mouth guards and sports mouth guards serve to protect the mouth. Although they are both mouth guards, you cannot substitute one for another. Only use a sports mouth guard when playing sports and a night mouth guard while sleeping

Using a sports mouth guard to provide protection while sleeping can do harm to your mouth, because it can cause the gums to accumulate more bacteria and it can dry your mouth out because not enough saliva gets to the gums. Saliva aids with natural cleansing of the mouth and gums of bacteria and debris. Therefore, you risk having gum disease and decay.

Get a Custom Mouth Guard Made at Your Lake Oswego Dentist Office Today!

Prevent the harm caused by bruxism or clenching and grinding. To get your custom made night mouth guard, visit us at The Dentist on Boones Ferry. Call us at (971) 377-1208 to book an appointment.
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Mouth Guard Lake Oswego OR
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