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Clear Aligners Lake Oswego OR

Dr. Petersen speaking to patient sitting in dental exam chair at The Dentist on Boones Ferry in Lake Oswego, ORPeople with misaligned bites seek teeth straightening procedures to help correct the malformations.

Different teeth straightening procedures are available, and our dentist will determine the most appropriate option after checking the mouth and having a discussion with you.

Clear aligners are preferred by many patients compared to traditional braces. Although regular braces are able to move teeth and straighten them, they do have various shortcomings that may be addressed by clear aligners. For example, our Lake Oswego patients who get conventional braces say that they encounter gum irritation, making them feel uncomfortable.

Carly C. Petersen, DMD and our team at The Dentist on Boones Ferry provide clear aligners at our Lake Oswego office.

What are Clear Aligners?

Clear aligners are a teeth-straightening system that comprises a progression of clear aligners that act to discreetly move the teeth. The aligners are fabricated of special plastic and because they are clear, people can hardly notice them. People switch from one series of aligners or alignment trays to another as the teeth are gently and slowly shifted to new positions.

How Clear Aligners Works

Once you receive your aligners, you will wear them for a stipulated time frame and specific amount of hours. They should remain in the mouth for about 22 hours each day. Usually, you wear each aligner for about 14 days, and then switch to another aligner. Once you are done with one series of aligners, you move to the next.

Dr. Petersen may change the time frame based on how you respond to the previous aligners.

The aligners gradually move the teeth over numerous months. By gently shifting the teeth, you remain comfortable and do not experience any sort of pain or discomfort.

When you complete the set of aligners and trays, your teeth will have shifted and become straight. The treatment can take about six to 12 months based on the specific case of the patient. There is no one-size-fits-all duration for the clear aligners treatment because each patient has unique bite misalignment issues.

Benefits of Clear Aligners

Many people love clear aligners because they feel so comfortable in the mouth. Since they are fabricated of a thermoplastic material, they do not cause the kind of discomfort you find with traditional wire braces.

Clear aligners do not hurt, injure, or damage the soft tissue. Many patients who have used traditional wire braces say that one issue they dealt with was irritation of the gums. The brackets and wires are likely to rub against the soft gum tissue, often causing irritation and sometimes injury like puncturing the tissue. Wearing clear aligners helps do away with these problems since it is fabricated of plastic.

Another benefit is that cleaning the mouth is easy when you have clear aligners. This is because you are able to easily remove them so that you can brush and floss. But traditional braces are fixed in place, therefore, they present challenges when you want to clean your teeth. With clear aligners, it is easier to eat since you remove the aligner trays.

Get Clear Aligners at Your Lake Oswego Dentist Today!

If you want to get more details about clear aligners and how it works in straightening teeth, visit us at The Dentist on Boones Ferry. Call us at (971) 377-1208 to schedule an appointment.
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Clear Aligners Lake Oswego OR
Clear aligners offer an almost invisible method of straightening teeth. Not just for teens! Call us today in Lake Oswego to schedule a consultation.
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